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I Know Some Things Cannot Be Forgotten

Hair reaches out, flows,
Snagging on sky as it trails the girl
who is running away with her kite
which makes it elated journey above her through inflated clouds.
The fence forms a ring
that cannot contain her, for it was built for someone else.

She runs fast, else
green seas of grass will flow
to surround her in a whirlpool ring
meant to drown the diligently lost girl.
While her conscience may still cloud
She shrugs off silent storms - she soars her kite.

A bright kite,
made and bought by someone else.
It's red and yellows contrast with the cloud
through which it is now drifting on air that takes it's time to flow
toward the girl.
The cold sun dares inquire about the glinting ring

on her finger, a ring
that was only a promise, a promise that left when she freed the kite.
This girl
is allowed to breathe for herself or else she may give up the opportunity.
And so, air keeps up it's flow into lungs filled with clouds.

(I originally wrote this January 6, 2006)